A boutique production company based in East Los Angeles

What We Do

We produce narrative, documentary, and branded content.

We cater to exactly what each project needs -

from putting together a small, nimble crew, to coordinating a large, multi-layered group of artists and technicians to bring the creative vision to the screen.


Serpentine Pink

In the wild west of California’s Joshua Tree desert, a solitary biker woman and her dancer lover have to find a way to heal from the wounds of their violent, visceral passion after a violent night brings to surface their past traumas.

An ethereal psychic and her shaman companion converge with supernatural forces to confront and then heal the women’s deep-rooted personal pain, long plagued by the toxicity of possessive love.

Blue Moon

How do you want to be remembered?

Blue Moon illuminates the devastating consequences when an aging American patriarch, thrust into the role of caretaker to his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s, is forced to chose how to live his life.

After the End

Though 17-year-old Addison has always believed that the apocalypse would one day arrive, he’s still not quite prepared for one post-apocalyptic condition after a virus decimates the planet: loneliness.

But this changes when, after years on his own in post-pandemic Oklahoma, he eventually crosses paths with Ava, who is pregnant and on the run. Meeting Ava brings Addison some sorely needed companionship. It also invites danger in the form of a gun-wielding group of survivors hell-bent on building a new world from the remnants of the old.

5 Teenagers Walk

Into a Bar

When a school field trip goes awry, five barely acquainted teens get left behind in the desert and are forced to band together when a spooky encounter becomes violent.

Before We Go

*Emmy nominated short form series

Elsee is a woman who can have it all, and she does.

Seemingly on a whim, she takes two strangers, both on the verge of life changing decisions, on the road trip of their lives. The strangers have no idea what Elsee's true intentions are, their real relationship, or how she plans on ending the trip.

Beautiful Day

After a pleasant afternoon hike, three friends find themselves stuck at the trailhead, unable to get to their car 100 feet away because of something lurking in the grass.

Dirt Eaters

Dirt eating is a way of life for some. Especially for Gator.

This dramatic short focuses on young Cotton's coming-of-age after the death of his mother. Will he become a dirt eater like Gator?

Who We Are

Ron Hanks

Producer and Director, Ron Hanks, has made his name in travel & food television and in movies.

He was the Showrunner for "Chef Swap At The Beach" for Cooking Channel, and a Producer for "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime" for Food Network. He's produced movies for TUBI and Lifetime Network.

Ron is committed to empowering other filmmakers and dreamers of all backgrounds to bring their projects to life. Growing up with PBS, he believes deeply in the public broadcasting model and the equity, accessibility, and education it provides, at no fee to the viewer.

Elizabeth Hodgman Hanks

Elizabeth is an LA-based cinematographer. She loves blending her technical and creative skills to build the most effective and unique visual style for each project, whether scripted, unscripted, or promotional. She craves that exhilarating, collaborative atmosphere when the director, on-camera talent, and crew are all in-sync, gliding through the day to create something everyone feels proud of.

Some of her recent projects include feature films After the End (2021), and Serpentine Pink (2021), and short films 5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar (2019), and Blue Moon (2021). She has also recently made promotional content for Moonbug, Hulu, and Refinery29, and The Webb Schools